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Hi Tuck saw your post for the SKS, I love that gun and the price is great i would love to take your deal cash in hand.
Steve, If you want the pistol upper, I also have a brace stock that I would sell for $50. I need to keep the tube so it's just the stock.
I am converting this pistol to a carbine. Only function fired it twice.
I have a stoeger 8040f and a mossberg 4x4 chambered in 25-06 both with ammo rifle has a optic and I'm looking to sell both for $1k or trade for an AR style rifle
In search of a reasonably priced compact or sub-compact pistol in the eastern North Carolina region, show me what you got!
Anyone in the Conway Myrtle Beach area looking to get their CWP, I have a class November 24th and December 8th!!
We are preparing to retire to conway area soon, i currently have a ccw permit for va, what will i have to do when i move there to get one for S.C.