Zombies spotted in South Carolina


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FORT MILL ? Motorists on a road near the South Carolina-North Carolina state line have been warned to watch for zombies, hunters and tanks.

The Herald of Rock Hill reported the electronic signs on state Highway 160 near Fort Mill that usually warn of traffic construction or wrecks had a very different message Sunday.

One sign read ?Zombies Ahead? and then flashed ?Watch for Hunters.? On the other side of the road, a sign warned motorists to ?Be alert for Tanks.?

Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. Billy Elder says someone apparently tampered with the signs sometime before 4 a.m. Sunday. Elder says investigators don?t know if the signs were hacked remotely or at the scene.

There have been no reports of zombies. Or tanks.

http://m.postandcourier.com/postcourier ... d=ByyNDlU0


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So funny!

For those who don't get the references, Hunters and Tanks are types of mutated zombies from the video game series Left 4 Dead. It's great fun, if you're into such things. :D