Zombie survival thread

Since it was requested in the subsection heading that we keep the zombies in here I'd like to spawn some. Who's got a plan? If so care to share it?

Personally I've got an absolutely ludicrous amount of .40 and 5.56 as well as a thing or two that use them to keep me company, and I know of an island I can run to that's large enough to farm on. I think I'd be okay.
Frost said:
I figure the secret to holding off the zombies is low recoil high capacity.

Indeed, this is certainly a good approach. I think that for anti-zombie cleanup, the high capacity pistol caliber carbine would be king. Low recoil, reasonable penetration (enough to bust skull) and light weight, which'll help out with mobility - our other greatest advantage against a zombie adversary.

Not to steal from the Zombie Survival Guide but the M1 Carbine really is a great zombie rifle, especially after firepower (30-round M2 mags) and weight have been taken into consideration. I find amusement from the claims that the .30 Gov't cartridge has "penetration" issues, yet its ballistics are superior to the .357 Magnum... then again, those complaints were coming from soldiers who were used to the penetration of good ol' .30-06 ball ammo!


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Indeed they were used to battle rifles not pea-shooters...
(not knocking the carbine)

Something like this comrade? lol.

Seriously I think that with the exception of being hard to find ammo for the PPSH may quite possibly be the best Anti-Zombie weapon ever.
Ammo isn't a problem if you get it stocked up early! That shoots 7.62 Tokarev right? That's still pretty cheap too. I think that the Suomi is also a good choice; it's the WWII-era Finn SMG that shoots 9mm ball ammo. Centerfire systems usually has those on stock.

Not to say that a full sized rifle isn't bad either - I wouldn't feel under-armed or undergunned with any rifle. I think a great choice would be a .357 Mag or .44 Mag lever gun and a revolver in the same caliber as a backup. That'd make stocking ammo pretty convenient, though it'd be expensive...


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If I recall correctly the Germans converted a bunch of them to to 9mm and changed the name.
I can't remember the German designation for them though.

I agree it would be great if both used the same ammunition.
Another good combination would be an AR and a Glock in 9mm.
Around here 9mm has become much more common than 357/38.

Ya know it's funny, 38 used to be the cheapest centerfire ammunition you could get.
Not anymore though.


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A silly discussion to to say the least....however....I am in agreement with the M1Carbine .30 cal being a fine PD weapon and one round through the brain pan will be sufficient to scramble the rotten brains of any Zombie. Any of my .45s would be the next best thing and finally the very best defense is to be where they AIN"T......