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Choice of caliber and weapon platform has been discussed at length on the dedicated Zombie forums.
The general recommendation is a high capacity 9mm handgun and an AR in .223.


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Avtomat-Acolyte said:
Zombie movies are what prompted me to purchase 20,000+ rounds of .22 Long Rifle.

.22 Long Rifle is enough for a headshot on a slow, lumbering target. Should be enough for hunting small game should society crumble or otherwise become disrupted, too!

George Romero's movies have gotten successively more anti-human and have become full-blown, pro-zombie propaganda.

There's still plenty to learn from in each zombie movie, be they pro-human, pro-zombie or objectively neutral.
The following are a small sampling of lessons I have learned from these movies.

Night of the Living Dead - Bring all food, weapons, radios, supplies, et al. upstairs and destroy the wooden staircase, thus preserving all party members while remaining out of grasp of zombies. Fill all containers and bathtubs upstairs with water, too.

The father of the infected child should have been killed the moment he became combative and confrontational. He was a threat to the group, as well as the infected child. They should have both been removed from the equation and, likely the mother, too, since she would probably become a liability after losing her family.

Dawn of the Dead (original) - Don't be reckless like the white cop. This led directly to his infection and death(s).

Don't unfortify your kingdom the way they did by keeping all stores unlocked once they took over the mall, leading to an easy subsequent takeover by the Pagan motorcycle gang and then the zombies, once again.

Don't build a tiny, thin sheetrock wall to obscure and defend against the only point of entry to your fortified sky-bunker. It will fail.

Day of the Dead - If your commanding officer and every one of his subordinates is homicidal, irrational and sexually frustrated: flee or kill. Those are your only two options and it is better to pick the time to do one or the other rather than have them eventually forced upon you when you are unprepared.

Don't house zombies.

Don't let zombies gather upon your perimeter without immediately killing them. They claimed there was an ammunition shortage. Fair enough. Is there an axe handle, crowbar or steel pipe shortage? The zombies were contained behind a chain-linked fence. Get a ladder, lean over the fence, bash their skulls in. Kill all that come and you won't have to worry about a thousand ghouls eventually pushing the fence over. Their cries draw more zombies, anyways.

The Walking Dead - Merle should've been shot or thrown off the roof. The world is over and this guy was actively working against the few survivors. He was a greater threat than the zombies and had to go. His brother should've been told he got eaten by zombies and there was nothing anyone could do but that Merle kept the zombies busy long enough for them to escape.

Don't camp in tents. Like has been demonstrated previous, find a multi-story building and destroy the stairs. Use ladders or ropes to descend at will to forage supplies and draw up the ladders and ropes to sleep peacefully at night.

After any zombie encounter, once the event is over with and all are secure and safe, everyone will stand in a circle with a gun in their hand. Each person will, one at a time, disrobe completely. The other members of the party will visually inspect their entire body for bites or other abrasions. If none are present they will get dressed again and then hold a gun while the next person does the same thing. This will repeat until all party members have stripped and passed inspection for possible exposure to zombie infection. Too many times we see someone get infected, hide it, and then kill members of their party later on.
We need an applause emoticon, lol. Also, can we forward this to the CDC? Since they have officially recognized zombies as a credible threat now...
Frost said:
Choice of caliber and weapon platform has been discussed at length on the dedicated Zombie forums.
The general recommendation is a high capacity 9mm handgun and an AR in .223.
My zombie preparedness focuses upon the concept of "turtling" or bunkering.

Using a .22 for aimed headshots from a static, supported firing position in an elevated structure with absolutely zero zombie access (i.e. using a retractable rope-ladder from a 2nd floor window or balcony where all stairs have been axed to pieces) should suffice for, considering their lack of thought processes and basic stimuli/response behaviors, self-mobile reactive targets.

An animal that you are shooting at can move quickly and will likely require a larger caliber to damage their central nervous system sufficiently to not be a threat. You may also need the larger, faster calibers to penetrate any cover this animal takes.

The same is true of people that are living.

A zombie, by any real study, is simply a walking pepper-popper target where only a headshot will make it go down.

It won't be moving quickly.

It won't be taking cover.

It won't be returning fire.

Get behind solid cover. Get elevation. Take slow, well-aimed shots. It's the end of the world. You have nothing but time.


If I am in the Zombie Apocalypse and ever have to leave my bunker to resupply I will not be taking a .22

I will be taking an AK.

I don't expect to magically be the only person on Earth to survive a cavalcade of Category 4 Hurricanes, gangbang orgy of F-5 Tornados or the Armagideon of dead people having 5% of their brain reanimated giving them just enough capacity to wander around biting things that make noise or movement. I expect to encounter plenty of other survivors.

Most of these survivors will be hungry, scared and may have passed that thin boundary of "It's the end of the world and my actions have no consequences..."

Given any protracted failure of society there will be a cause to have combat arms to use against your fellow living, breathing, sentient Man.

Given a zombie event, you're not going to need to waste your expensive, heavy, super-effective-against-the-living Hornady TAP or Gold Dot Jacketed Hollow Points on a walking pile of necrotic cannibalism. You can. But why?

Those 20,000 rounds of Federal .22 Long Rifle I mentioned purchasing... I purchased them at the same time. $200 + Wal-Mart = enough .22 ammo to thin zombie herds for a good while. Ammo prices have increased in the past three years, however, but that doesn't negate the value of having a good chunk of inexpensive, "puny" caliber ammo on hand.

If I need to keep land pirates away from my house that's why I have body armor, AKs and ARs.

If it's a sea of the undead it will be my lounge chair, a window, Ruger Mk III and Ruger 10/22.

Dirk Pitt

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I recently listened to a panel discussing zombies and such.

http://residualhauntings.podomatic.com/ ... 0_12-07_00

One of the things mentioned is that the most "likely" zombie apocalypse would be something more akin to 28 Days Later than your George Romero type. That being said my three calibers for killing anything that breaths or doesn't are 12 gauge, 7.62x39, and .308. Your mileage and opinions may vary.


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Maybe the forum should host a Zombie shoot.
Only head shots score.

What kind of rules would we need?
Timed fire?
Would different calibers be shot separately?
Help me out here folks.


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me and at least 4 or 5 of my shooting buddies would be very down for a zombie shoot.
haha we are always getting into zombie apocalypse debates.


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Here are my unpopular opinions......
Zombies are "undead". So I don't consider the 28 series as zombie films, they're alive the same as us. They have to feed but can't, so they die. Like rabies?
I don't buy the sprinting zombies, but they add a little more fear by moving like us.
I like the Resident Evil series, mostly because of the conspiracy theory aspect.
The video games are outstanding, I've played them since the first one on the original Playstation.
I actually liked Diary of the Dead, mostly for the internet involvement, information age stuff. Hated Survival, teaching zombies to eat our own food sources? If you're on an island, destroy them. Don't train them.
There are literally thousands of zombie films around, and finally a well made series on tv. Although I'll never know why they walk right by weapons on the ground and don't pick them up.