Zero Tolerance


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So far we have not had a problem with racist remarks here.
But be forewarned I will censure you for this action.

Recently they had an issue over on "Yonder" and the offending members were banned.
I am not posting this to stir things up with them as I see them as a good neighbor.
Instead I am using what happened to explain this forums stance.

There was evidently liberal use of the word that starts with N.
HOWEVER in the very same thread where everyone was so pleased with the mod for his strong action the word CRACKER was used.
It was used in a derogatory fashion.
I posted that it offended me and asked that it be removed.

I will not tolerate this.
It is not ok to bash someone based on race, or religion here.

Zero Tolerance is Zero Tolerance.

Red Hat

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Zero tolerance is the only way! I've left forums for less than that when nothing was done about the problem. Disrespect is disrespect and it comes in may forms. Bigotry has no place anywhere!

lafayette gregory

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swiss said:
I've had posts banned, wrongly, over calling a Japanese a "jap", which is no more derogatory than calling a US male a Yank. Even "nip" is just a contraction of the word that the Japanese preferred, ie "Nipponese".

The one to decide if that word is derogatory is the Japanese people. Having lived in Japan for some time, those words you use are considered an insult, racist and demeaning. You were justifabily banned.


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I concur LG. This Forum is not the place for someone to air their bigotry and ignorance. It is also not the place to condone murder or the removal of government officials by force of arms. I plan to ignore and no longer acknowledge this poster and will request banning him if these types of posts continue.

Thanks, Dave


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It has been discussed, and agreed, that Swiss has not contributed positively to the forum, and is not likely to start any time soon.

He has been banned, and all of his posts removed.

Everyone have a great Friday night!!! :D

Midnight Raver

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Well, we have to update our Zero Tolerance now...

there will be NO BIGOTRY ALLOWED pertaining to:

Sexual Orientation

"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all"

This Forum is relatively drama free- let's keep it that way, ok? ;)


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Agreed. Differences in opinion are not based on race, gender, or sexual orientation and should not be used within a discussion topic. I can dislike your support for a topic I disagree with, your skin color has nothing to do with it :)

We are all members who enjoy the fine sport of hunting and marksmanship. We are a brotherhood (sisterhood) of like minded individuals and should respect each other for our many common views, and even for our disagreements, as they are all presented here for intelligent discussion and the advancement of our hobby and sport.

Midnight Raver

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Given Frost's 6'7" stature, this will put it into perspective:





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I read between the lines and I get what you are saying.
One needs to be able to take a joke.


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An insult is like a drink of alcohol. It can only affect you if you accept it....or acknowledge it.
Just my opinion.