YouTube Videos from Upstate Cowboy Action Matches

Well, I didn't take any photos or videos at Sunday's cowboy action shooting match in Greenville so I didn't have anything to post to YouTube.

I ran across this video of our match director shooting a stage in the 2013 State Match:

Let me know if you enjoy seeing these videos. You can find cowboy action shooting videos from clubs all around the world. What I'm trying to do is to let you see how the local matches look.

I'll try to post a video at the Belton match on the 2nd Saturday.
Thanks, Raver. Few people comment on my posts so it seems like there is little interest. I hate to think I am wasting bandwidth.


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I watch and enjoy them, Crunchy Frog. I just wish I had some free time to try it out or just come watch sometime.
Oh well, I'll retire someday.



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That was cool shooting with the Model 97. That looks like fun. I'd have to find a Henry lever. My Marlin isn't that smooth. Thanks for the videos.
I shot a Winchester '97 shotgun for the first three years or so. After my wife started shooting with me I put a shortened stock on it to fit her. It's not practical to try to switch stocks during a match so I ended up changing to a side-by-side.

The '97 versus double is one of those "Ginger or Mary Ann" issues. I will say that the '97 is the only shotgun that can be used in both cowboy and Wild Bunch Action Shooting. Just to be fair to both sides, I'll add that the '97 tends to require repairs more frequently than a double.

Dave, your Marlin (assuming it is a pistol caliber) is a MUCH better rifle for cowboy action than a Henry Big Boy. Like most "stock" rifles it would probably benefit from some minor tweaking. The Henry is well known because of all the ads they buy, but you will almost never see one in use by the top competitors. From all reports they are well made and would serve as a hunting or range rifle, but there are better choices for competition rifles.

The most popular rifle with top shooters are the replicas of the Winchester 1873 and 1866. Can a Marlin rifle be competitive? Ask Deuce Stevens:


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That is fast. What caliber was he shooting? Is there a major difference in stroke length between the 1894, 1895 and the Winchester clones?
Deuce is also fast with the other cowboy guns. Of the very top shooters Deuce is one that favors the Marlin whereas most use the '73 or '66. I'm pretty sure that rifle in the video is a .38-.357; it's the most popular chambering.

There is one category (B Western) in which the '73 or '66 are not allowed. The Marlin is always the top choice in that category since the other compliant rifles are nowhere near as good.

From memory I can't compare the stroke of the Marlin 1895 (which handles long cartridges like the .45-70) to the pistol caliber 1894. When you compare unmodified rifles, the Marlin has a shorter stroke than any of the Winchesters. For that reason the Marlin was heavily favored by the top shooters in the early years of cowboy action shooting. Then the gunsmiths figured out how to shorten the strokes on the '66s and '73s. There are different "generations" of short stroke kits out there so it depends on what work has been done on a rifle as to the length of the stroke. SASS passed a rule establishing a minimum stroke length but it may have been unnecessary because the shorter you make the stroke, the less mechanical advantage you have. The Winchester '92 (the rifle you most often see in old Western movies and TV shows, such as the one Chuck Connors wielded) cannot be short stroked although it can be slicked up a little.

Marlin's reputation took a beating after the company's acquisition by Remington. They actually shut down the line making 1894s to try to fix things. They are back in production and at the last SHOT show they re-introduced the Cowboy version with the octagon barrel. I wish Marlin much success. We need good Marlins in the sport. I think they are a good value if they work.
Vids from today's Greenville Gunfighters cowboy action shooting match; this first is a brand new shooter on his first ever stage-he did well. ...

Two videos of Stage 6, which included zombie targets (it is close to Halloween after all) that had to be engaged with headshots; my daughter painted the zombie faces and I wanted to video the first shooter of the day marking them up. The video after that is me shooting the same stage:

The last video shows a shooter from NC who shoots black powder cartridges (the "Frontier Cartridge" category); lots of very satisfying blasts and smoke:
Well, this video is not from an Upstate (SC) match but it does feature the Greenville Gunfighters' (cowboy) match director, "Cowboy Junky", shooting an interesting state from the 2014 Georgia State Match. The shooter begins seated at a table holding a poker hand. We use props like this only on occasion but they add a little fun to the sport.

Only two shotgun targets on this stage, but I noticed that Junky had posted a video of a different stage at the same match where there were six shotgun targets. Four is the most common number of shotgun knockdowns on a stage. ... xhYz3eruJQ

We have a cowboy match coming up Sunday in Greenville. The weather looks kind of "iffy" right now but we often "beat" the forecast.