Yamaha YHR 567 Double French Horn


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The YHR-567 features a .472-inch bore with a Geyer wrap and tapered gold brass leadpipe design for better response and intonation plus an adjustable thumb lever for playing comfort. It is keyed in F/Bb.

This horn is used. My wife is a professional musician and is selling her original horn which served well from starting out through early college. This horn has been well cared for its entire life except for the last few years when it has sat in a hard sided case (the valves are now stuck). The sale will include the hard sided case, which does have a missing zipper toggle but is otherwise sound.

A mouthpiece is not included. MSRP for a new horn of this model is $4797 and they typically sell for $3.3K. We are moving and thus this item needs to go!

$2100 OBO. Appleseed Volunteers, teachers, NRA life members, and military members (active/guard/reserve) pay no shipping. All others pay $25 shipping. Price is for cash or check; add +3% for PayPal. Personal checks may take several days to clear.

CONDITION: Generally in sound condition. Has not been played for a few years; valves are sticky and need to be well lubricated. Small flecks of rust on one surface and small dent. Pictures emailed upon request.


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bigfutz said:
... a .472 inch bore...
So, that means it's under the limit to be classified as a destructive device?
Correct, as long as you don't use antipersonnel compositions you should be fine. You'd need to pay for a tax stamp if you want to play pain-inducing 21st century nonsense with it.



I loved playing the French horn but its been a long time. Wish I could but school takes what little free money I have anymore. Good luck with your sale.