WTT - WC820 Surplus Powder, 4 lbs for ???



New to the forum, hello all. I have 4 lbs of Surplus WC820 powder, all virgin powder not pull down. This was purchased in bulk from Pats Reloading but I have no use for it now. Its 10% faster then H110, but less flash. Listed as Surplus powder for .30 Carbine and Magnum pistol, small bore shotgun, etc. Use H110 load data and back off 10% to start. Powder is in the original 1 lb bottles, purchased in 2009 and has been kept stored in cool dry powder safe.

Looking to trade for any of the following: Blue Dot, Unique, Green Dot, or IMR PB. Will trade FTF in Clemson area 2 lbs to 1 lb.
Thats 2 lbs of the surplus for one lb of any of the above listed.

Also willing to trade for Once fired Win AA 12ga 2 3/4 Hulls, or ???

Interested, please contact me [email protected]