wtt g19 for a g17/g29 sold

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I have a g19 that i would like to trade for a stock g17or g29 can add cash for the g29 it can have nite sites but it needs to be stock from there. The g19 has been cerakoted matte silver brite nite sites a stainlees guide rod and spring kit 3.5 pound trigger and 3 mags plus all that came with it from factory i also have 2 extra mags that i would trade for like number of mags if you have extra ftf in upstate sc ty Gary
cant get the pics to work on this site pics on request. Work was done by Upstate armory group

Will sell for $450.00 firm without third mag


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wtt g19 for a g17/g29 ftf

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wtt g19 for a g17/g29 ftf

Bob at Upstate is a super nice guy and does great work. Bought some gun's from him plus i live fairly close by. OP good luck with your trade..


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wtt g19 for a g17/g29 ftf

ty frost ive been having trouble loading pics . yes bobs the man everything he does for me is great hes done a lot of work on my guns ty guys for all the help


wtt g19 for a g17/g29 ftf addes fs price

Got a gen 3 G17 I'd trade you, Its a commemorative 9/11 edition. PM me if you'd like to talk about it.

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