WTT for Glock 22 or 21 3rd Gen In Myrtle Beach, SC

Have 2 pistols available for trade

#1 S&W M&P 9mmcompact 4 mags all black less than 100 rounds fired

#2 Ruger SC9mm full size with 2 17/round mags Round count is 36. Wife purchased to do her CCW class and ended up using my FNP 9mm.

Looking for either one of the Glocks or FNP in 9mm in black or combo. FTF in the Myrtle Beach area. Will consider other pistols for trade. either e-mail. e-mail me at [email protected] Trade or sale value $490.00
Other trades will be considered. Please note this is also advertised locally. I need for a trade to take place before June 21. If all possible I'll hold until Saturday then I will go trade at the local gun shop. Need for duty carry, I really don't want to depend on first gen glock never been checked by an armorer