WTT factory .25 auto for??


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I have over 100 rounds of mostly Remington (factory loaded) .25 auto that I don't need. I'd like to trade it for .44 magnum or 45/70, either loaded or just the brass. Other trades considered, just PM me.

PS - This will have to be FTF as loaded ammo can't be mailed. I'm S.E. of Columbia.

Red Hat

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Just FYI, you can ship ammo through UPS or FedEX. If it's 50 caliber or less, or 8 gauge or less all you need it to mark the box with a ORM-D sticker. Also there are no Hazmat fees on loaded ammunition. Just powder and primers. I only use UPS since FedEX is so finicky with their requirements. USPS is definitely a no no!