WTS/WTT Springfield loaded 1911


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Jun 19, 2010
Greer SC
Well as much as I hate to do this I am consolidating calibers and need to get rid of my 1911. Its in very good shape with minimal wear. There is a scratch ok the slide and some wear on the bushing. This is a loaded model Springfield that was sent to Springfields custom shop for work. Below is the list of custom work done to this.

Front strap checkered, slide to frame fit, match bushing hand fitted, trigger job, trigger guard under cut, the slide frame and extractor were all blended, reliability package and finally there black t cote. Also has a s&a magwell, night sights and I believe they are gunner grips.

This gun has never once jammed and is extremely accurate. Its also the smoothest action I have felt on a 1911 period. It's like butter. This really a awesome pistol, and if it was 9mm it would be staying with me. I have had it up before but I always end up keeping it. But sadly now I have to let it go, it just doesn't get shot enough anymore.

Including the price of the pistol ($700) there is around 1400.00 into this pistol.

As for trades I am looking for the following
Ak (no I won't take your century ak as a straight trade so please don't offer)
Quality ar15, spikes, bcm, colt, stag, etc.
Smith m&p shield 9mm
Smith revolvers in 357 with 4" barrel or less
Aimpoint or eotech
223 or 5.56 fmj ammo (I just picked up 500 ends of wolf for $125 so don't waste anyone's time thinking you will get much more than that in trade for steel case)
Glock 17 or 19
9mm ammo
Ar15 mags
Kel-tec su16
Home defense shotgun in 12 gauge
Smith m&p 22 rifle

I will consider just about any ak or ar in any caliber. And if its not listed just shoot me an offer. Email is fastest [email protected]

Trade value SOLD will sell for SOLD with 2 Springfield mags. The 10 rnders will be extra.

Located in greer sc