WTS primers/powder in Charleston


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Took it all in trade, this is the stuff I don't need-


  • Winchester LR x 600 - $25
    Winchester SR x 200 - $8
    Winchester Large Pistol x 600 - $25

Take all the primers for $50 cash


  • 1 lb Hodgdon Clays - $25
    1 lb Varget - $25
    1 lb IMR 4064 - $25

Take all the powder for $60!

All sales are final, not looking to ship anything, etc etc. FTF in/around Charleston



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I took them in trade and they look fine to me, but I wouldn't feel comfortable reselling them as "new". If you want to make a lesser offer with that in mind, please do.

I know the gentleman that I dealt with stored his reloading stuff with care.

Hope that helps


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Dave29461 said:
Thanks Kal
I'd go 45.00 and take the chance. Let me know.

As long as you mean for the 3 lbs powder, sounds good to me. Shoot me your # in a PM and we can meet up. Thanks