WTS - Para-Ordnance Carry 12 .45ACP (Location: SC)


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I have a stainless Para-Ordnance Carry 12 with Tritium night sights for sale. It is .45ACP and has all the original accessories including case, two magazines (10 and 12 round cap.), lock, and maintenance video. I also have a left-handed Serpa holster that I'd be willing to sell as well if any potential buyers are fellow southpaws. I am the only owner and the pistol works great. I'm selling it because I'm starting to favor wheel guns and would like to get some cash for one that's caught my eye. I'm asking $550. I'll try to get some pictures posted here soon, but if anyone would like to see pictures before I am able to, send an e-mail to [email protected] and referencing this post in the subject and I'll reply with photos for you. Serious inquiries only please.



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Hey Buddy...welcome to the Forum...Glad you are useing the For Sale Section...

I feel that it might help you if you gave us some idea where you are located...I know it makes a big difference to me how far away a deal is...Will shipping and FFL charges come to play, and other stuff...It sometimes make the difference between sales or no sales...

Again ...Welcome.



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Hey Steve,
Thanks for the welcome and for excusing my ignorance. I'm not the most forum savvy so I try my best. I'm located in Summerville, SC just outside of Charleston. I was planning on a FTF sale, but if I need to ship it, of course we'll have to discuss payment for making that happen. Thanks again!