WTS: GSG-5 .22lr MP5 Clone - $450


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For sale:

American Tactical Imports (ATI) German Sport Guns (GSG) GSG-5
This gun is a clone of the H&K MP5, but less expensive to shoot.
Chambered in .22lr
Solid black
Comes with one 22-round banana clip and original box.

I bought this new in June 2009 on impulse and am the first and only owner. It's a fun gun and I would love to keep it, but I need a motor for my boat instead.

Email for pics. For serious inquirers, willing to meet at a range to test fire.

[email protected]

****Dropped price to $450 - email me****


bring it to the ShootzenFest if you still have it. Someone may like it and have a chance to shoot it at the same time.



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Re: WTS: GSG-5 .22lr MP5 Clone - $450 - PRICE REDUCED

Thanks for the comment SuperV.

I will take $425. I need the money now. Baby due in 2 weeks.