WTS 308/7.62X51 Nato ammo in sealed 200 rd packs - SOLD

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I have some 200 rd sealed battle packs of 308/7.62x51 ammo for sale.

Manufactured by DAG Mfg. Germany 1990's production with a Cupro-nickel plated steel jacketed lead core 147 grain FMJBT bullet. Brass cased, berdan primed & non-corrosive.

The bullet jacket will attract a magnet and the case is non reloadable due to the berdan primer. It is Nato spec ammo.

Some reviews claim there is corrosion of the bullet due to contact with the cardboard inner packing. I have not opened any of it to inspect so I can't comment on that yet. However a friend with some of it from the same shipment claims it looks shiny & new and shot great in his M1A.

Priced at $85.00 per 200 rounds.
Terms are simple - FTF in the Charleston area & cash only.
I will not ship.

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