WTS: 225rd bulk-pack of Ultramax .40S&W - $60


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Jul 27, 2010
Surfside Beach
I'll be up front about this ammo, as I kinda screwed myself by not knowing about it when I bought it, and wouldn't want to pass it on in such a manner.........

It's remanufactured ammo (lots of different head stamps), and it's "conical-nose lead". Meaning, it's not jacketed in any way. Which is where my problem comes in. The only .40 I have is a Glock 23, and Glock frowns upon running bare-lead bullets in their barrels, due to the polygonal rifling, and how it can gum it up quicker than "normal" handgun barrels. (...and I can't justify the price of an aftermarket barrel just to use up this 225rds)

I wasn't aware of this when I bought the bulk-pack. :oops:

Anyway, other than that, and that fact that it can be a bit smokier than normal, this stuff is fine. I used to run Ultramax remanufactured ammo in my 9mm AR all the time, and had zero problems.

So if you have a .40 that's not a Glock (or you have an aftermarket barrel for your Glock)........then this is for you! :mrgreen:

I'm only looking for $60 for the whole 225rd pack. It came in a ziplock bag inside of the Ultramax box (like all Ultramax ammo) and that's how it will be given to you.

Local FTF only in the Surfside/Myrtle Beach area.


- 150 rounds of quality, jacketed .40 ammo (My G23 loves the Winchester white-box 180gr .40)
- (2) factory Glock 19, 15 round magazines
- (4) FDE PMags (30rd, windowed or non-windowed, doesn't matter, "Generation" doesn't matter either)
- Vickers extended Glock mag release + $40 cash

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