WTS 1/2" AR500 steel target gong $80/set SOLD

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Feb 14, 2010
Hey guys, I'm new to this board and found it after seeing a link of carolinashootersforum. I have a ton of feedback under the same name on carolina, AR15.com, and M4carbine.

I've gotten so many requests to do another run of targets that I finally gave in. Below I copied my thread from before:

I've been researching steel targets that'll hold up to .223/5.56 for a while now but found that most places only sell 3/8" which takes a real beating from .223/5.56 since it's such a small high velocity round. Well I decided to just buy a sheet of 1/2" thick AR500 steel and have it cut. This stuff can withstand a 50BMG fmj round at 100yds with only a small divot!

Shooting steel is a lot fun since you get a nice "ping" when you hit the plate! These targets are 1/2" thick AR500 steel and should last a long time when shot with FMJ, HP, or SP ammo at 100yds or greater.

Each set includes two 1/2" thick AR500 plates: one 10"x10" & one 6"x6". Each plate has a 1/2" mounting hole cut out at each top corner for easy hanging from your target stand. Targets will have a light coat of white spray paint which makes it easy to see where you hit, almost like a shoot-n-see target. The set weighs about 20lbs. It is best to hang and/or angle the plates slightly downward to prevent ricochets and deflect any shrapnel into the ground.

$80/set + $10 flat rate shipping (Can fit up to 2 sets per flat rate box)

My targets after 1st range trip:
WOW! They performed much better than I expected! I shot at one 10"x10" plate @ 100yds; about 600rds .22lr, 110rds 9mm, 120rds .223/5.56(55gr fmj, 50gr JHP, 75gr HP, 55gr SP, and 3 rds M855). I expected the M855 to make a nice crater in it but it just disintegrated like the rest. I ran hand across the plate and it's just as smooth as before; The only damage I can see is where I hit a couple on the edge. No deformation of any kind, no holes, dents, craters, or jacket material stuck in the steel. AND this was with the target stationary, not swinging where the swinging motion would absorb some of the energy of each hit!


Black marks are .223/5.56, .22lr does nothing to the plate, 9mm just makes a gray area, 3 dark spots at the bottom left are the M855.
The only damage, from hitting the plate on the edge

Here you can see that the face of the plate is flat, no deformation.

Member's post from another board:
"If you are thinking about buying these plates I can vouch that they are really sturdy and priced accordingly. I took mine to the range the other day and fired several hundred rounds of 6.8 spc, 5.56, 5.7 & 9mm. The only notebale pock marks were caused from green tip ammo. This was placed at 25 yds."



USPS MO or discreet pp +3.4%
Email me with any questions at [email protected]
FTF in Charlotte (University area)
Will ship via USPS priority flat rate.


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Jan 12, 2010
Upstate, SC
Re: WTS 1/2" AR500 steel target gong $80/set

Wish i had some extra cash for this. I do love the ring of a bullet hitting steel. ;)
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