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the lady at the demacrat office took it down after the vets made her look up the regs on flying flags.

said it was all her idea. i bet somebody knew it would make the news.


Hurlbert said she intends to contact an attorney regarding the matter and remained non-committal as to whether she'll fly the flag again
Sometimes I just want to punch certain people. Let them take some time out of their busy schedule to go pound sand like some of us have done and they will have a whole new respect.


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wow. that is something. I don't know whether to laugh at the ridiculousness of this, or be angry about the complete disrespect of what our national ensign represents.

the obama nation. might as well put a picture of charles manson or musolini on a flag.
Just consider the source, and it becomes water off a ducks back. I look at it like this: would you get offended if a retarded kid gave you the finger?