WTF SC... Seriously...


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So, I was looking at a 1911 .22 cal pistol. Not looking to buy, just reading about it. I then see its not legal for sale in about 8 states. SC WAS ONE OF THEM! I have never seen SC listed as a state in any of the "Not legal for sale" information on websites.

Here is the 1911 I was just looking at: ... /411541874 ... s_id/62397

Couldn't find too many reasons why, but I think it has to do with the following, not too sure though....

SECTION 23-31-180. Certain pistols declared to be contraband; forfeiture, seizure, and destruction; disposal restrictions; use for display.

No licensed retail dealer may hold, store, handle, sell, offer for sale, or otherwise possess in his place of business a pistol or other handgun which has a die-cast, metal alloy frame or receiver which melts at a temperature of less than eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit.


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Forgot to check the bills listed on that site.. That would be great if that passes. This is the first "restriction" of a sale of a firearm I have ever seen for SC.


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There is a law that says some guns will melt at a certain point that is to low for them to be acceptable...

Please don't bring these guns into South Carolina if you plan to set your guns afire....DUH....

Some laws are really stupid...