WTB: Used .40 or .45 handgun, ~$250 or less

Dirk Pitt said:
$350 for a new gun with the name Sig on it is a hell of a deal. If that is what you want than hell go for it, but can't you change the caliber on the Sig P250? So by owning the 9mm you could change the caliber to .45. I imagine though you want a service handgun for yourself and leave the 9mm for your wife. So if you like the P250 that's fine, but I'd take this opportunity to diversify and get something different.
True, the you can convert the P250 very easily. The only downside is, depending where you buy the converision kits (barrel, recoil spring, guide rod, magazine, slide), they are usually around only $20 less than just buying a whole new Sig you are converting to. I really don't get that, there is no way the frame and grip are only worth $20. Speaking of the grip, if you want to convert the P250 compact to a .45 you need a .45 P250 frame as well as the conversion kit. I am sure it would cost less to buy a whole new P250C .45, in that case. Hopefully the price will go down on the conversion kits.

The Sig P250 is DOA, I thought I wouldn't like that, but the trigger has VERY little play and I actually like the DOA with no manual safety. Less stuff to worry about when it's time to get busy with someone who wants to kill you.

I do want to diversify myself from my wifes growing collection (our Bersa and her Sig lol). I appreciate all the input from everyone. Like I said in my intro thread, I want firearms, TONS of them. lol

fordnut said:
I know you have bought your gun, but, just wanted to throw this in.

I would recommend a Rock Island .45. You can look around and buy a new GI type 5" for a little less than $400.00. I have one that I keep in the truck. I would trust my life on it...Enough said...

This is funny because I was looking at this exact gun online at Buds yesterday. I think it was the cheapest priced 1911 I have ever seen. I was definitely thinking about buying it, but I want to handle it first. I can't find anyone with it in stock locally in the Upstate to actually get my hands on it. I haven't checked to see if Allen Arms has one in stock, though. If they don't have it, I was going to see if one of the local guys could could order it, if not I would just order it online and do an FFL transfer.

If I don't like it, well it's going in the stock pile for the small army when SHTF. I am not to big on selling guns, even though I am thinking of selling the Bersa .380 to get some bigger ones, lol.

Dave29461 said:
Summit Guns was having a twofer on the Sig 250 with a full size and compact frame in 9mm or 40S&W. In reading forums on the Sig 250 I ran across some complaints about feed problems and complaints about the decline in quality of Sig handguns in the last few years. I have a great deal of respect for Glocks and own a 17 RTF. Summit has Glock 22 2nd gens for under 400.00 and S&W 59 & 5904.Check with your gun shop owner and see what kind of deals are available from Southern Ohio Guns on S&W and Glock Police turn-ins.
I wouldn't doubt a drop in quality. Companies get greedy, start using cheaper parts here and there. They start hiring any old Joe to start on the assembly line instead of the people that are passionate about firearms and know what they are doing.

I love the sig, but have nothing to compare it to besides our Bersa and my dad's collection, which isn't made up of the higher name brand handguns. He just has many, many, many, Taurus, Ruger, Rossi, etc, handguns. I bet half of his huge handgun collection hasn't ever been shot. He put all his money into hunting rifles.

Only thing I remember shooting of his that I can compare handguns to is some Taurus and Rossi revolvers, Ruger P95, some Ruger Mark IIIs, and Walther PPKs. I tried to take some of the semi-auto Tauruses off his hands, but he is the type to NEVER sell a firearm.

That being said, I have never shot a Glock and I think I've only handled one twice in my life. I keep reading reviews on how Glocks are very nice guns, and that they convert people into Glock Snobs, lol.

I see members on this forum all get together and go to the range sometimes. I guess my wife and I need to make the next one to see if we can get a feel for some different guns, and for people to experience our small collection if they have never shot a Sig, Bersa, or Ruger, lol.
I agree with Frost- A used Glock is the best deal in 40 or 45. Remember a .45 is much more fun at the range than a .40. The .40 is a bit snappy on the hand, BUT the .40 is a more effective and accurate defensive weapon for CCW. I carry a Glock 23 I bought in 1987. It was a used police gun then. It has never failed me. BUT, I train with a Glock 17. It is much more comfortable at the range. I use the .40 at the range but just enough to stay familiar with the feel of the gun. The 17 is a great range toy and for some, an even a better carry weapon.


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I used to be a 1911 guy staunch and true.
I had nothing but contempt for plastic pistols.
Well long story short I got a G23 and never looked back.
My favorite Glock is the 21 but I shoot a 17 a lot for cheaper practice.



Thats the budget 1911 you want to buy. I have one. Its perfect. No feeding issues at all. Bought it at Trader's near the Taylors walmart. Thinking about buying another ust cause they are so nice and such a good price.

Gun, extra mag, tax, and box of ammo less than 500.