WTB - Remington 11-48 28 gauge or 410 bores


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I am looking for Remington 11-48 or 48 shotguns in 28 gauge or 410 bore
Other gauges considered

I have a couple of guns to trade if they interest you
K-31, non-import, w/ sling, muzzle protector, ammo, chargers and Norma brass & dies
Nylon 10 C w/ 3 mags



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I saw a series of Remmington 1100's from .410, 20, 16, 12, and might have been more, they wanted about $6000 for the set. all matching and all in mint condition.
I was looking for a .410 for my girlfriend. she is small framed and doesn't have enough weight to handle a 12gage, so Ifigured I'd start her out on something smaller.

Since I' am looking for one as well, I'll see if I can point you to them as I find one.

the last one I saw was in the $600 range and was not in great shape. They are not common. But I'll let you know.


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Thanks, any help running one to ground is appreciated
Tell me more on what you are looking for and I will keep my eyes open for you