WTB: Flip Up Iron Sights


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I am wanting a set of flip up Iron Sights. I figured I can save a little money if I can find a used set in good condition.

Let me know what you have and I will get back to you.



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Go to Armslist in Charleston. There was a set for $50.00...and then there was a fold down Milspec for $50.00 I think...



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Let me know if you find a good deal (that you don't take, or if there's more than one). I've kinda been looking around as well. Have you checked with Silent Bob at Upstate Armory Group? He's got the nice stuff listed on his site here http://upstatearmorygroup.com/index...e=shop.browse&category_id=17&Itemid=2 but he may have something used. He got me fixed up with some used factory Glock sights and is great to deal with (and he's a PSF sponsor).

Another member Tactical Ted has a decent price here http://tacticalted.com/index.php?category=7&view=productListPage


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Anybody found any good deals on flip up iron sights? My rifle has a gas block rail, which is at a different elevation than the flattop. How do I ensure a sight set will line up properly? I see some sight sets are called "same plane." Would I need to find one specific to my gas block (YHM) or is that height standard?