Wrong turn lands trucker in mexican jail


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I trained to drive trucks years ago, and i have to say that if you make a wrong turn it can occasionally take awhile to find someplace to turn around agian. In this drivers case, his wrong turn landed him in mexican prison for arms smuggleing. The problem is, this was a completely legitimate ammunition shipment, just one that wasn't supposed to go through mexico. So The US justice department can smuggle guns into mexico, but a truck driver who takes a wrong turn with a load of ammo go to prision for it.

http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_2042 ... ost_viewed


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I was a Small Arms Instructor on the ship in San Diego and we cant go accross the Coranado bridge so we have to go almost to the border before taking a right. Well the first time I hit the boarder with about 5000 rounds of 9mm, 5.56 and shotgun cartridges. I debated on telling the guy I missed my turn and had alot of ammo or just saying I needed to turn around. He said to go down then turn around which put me in Mexico. I said that's not a great idea...I have ALOT of ammo and he turned me around immediatly. Could have gotten bad but turned out ok! -Shane

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That is a crappy situation to find yourself in. It reinforces my belief that Mexico is kinda like a big sewage pit. I don't intend to fall in, and I remain away from the edge where I might loose my footing and end up their accidentally.

A friend of mine landed himself in jail in Mexico a while back. It took the MP's a while to track him down and retrieve him. He said it was very unpleasant.


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I got kicked out of a bar in tijuana after I refused to solicit their hookers. I took my beer with me and was quickly handcuffed by 2 cops. Alcohol isn't allowed on the street apparently. I paid them off with $7.00 and promptly returned to base.