Working at Twin Ponds Rifle Range


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I all. I am kind of new here...Came here thru Frost...Nice layout..

Now, for the buisness....

Some of you might know, the Twin Ponds Rifle Range has been closed down to the public because of vandals...
Well, the Forest Service has ask for help from volenteers to help get the range operational again...
There was an artical in the Charleston Paper about it.. They had a number to call to volenteer to help. I called and put my name on the list.. They called me today to tell me that the work day would be on October 31...starting ar 8:00 am till 1:00.
They are going to do a cookout for the workers...I was told to bring a lawn rake and gloves.
If anyone would like to help to get this range open to the oublic, please call and volenteer to work.
The number is: 843-887-3257 and the person to talk to is Jannah Dupree

Hope to see you guys there.


I am going to try and make it. it will be a pinch for time, because I usually come to the area at Thanksgiving to see family, but I think it will be worth it.

We have an annual "Shoots 'N Fest" at Twin Ponds, well, we've had the First annual Shoots 'N Fest . . . :D

It is an opportunity to contribute to the range. I like it and being open to the public, it is available for everyone.

I hope to be there.



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If anyone makes it to the clean-up, here is my cel phone number> 834-209-2490.

After the work is done, maybe we can play with our toys...If we can;t use Twin Ponds range, we could go to the other range- Boggy Head...Not that far away...



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I just received a bulletin from the NRA...It was a call to members to help at the Twin Ponds range....

I thought it was real cool that the NRA was letting the membership know about our small town projects...



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I called and put my name on the list.
I plan to drive down Friday after work and stay with a friend.
the trick will be getting to the range by 8:AM!
as for the work part, heck, I don't mind hard work, I could sit an' watch it all day long.



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AL: If you show up, they will put you to work...They said if they had enough people to show up, they will send some up to Boggy Head range to clean it, please try to show...
The big reason they wanted people to sign up is so they would have a rough idea how many they would have to eat....

I will be driving my old '93 Black Ford pickup with the blue flames on the sides...If anyone comes, please look me up...

I was there! And found this forum there. We built a new shorter backstop and cleaned up a TON of crap. The place looks really nice now. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it that way.


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It was a very good day at the range...Everyone work very hard. and the place shows all the hard work....

And, the best news of all...the range will be open at 6:00 tomorrow morning...

I am thinking about going out just to shoot on a clean range...

Thanks to all that came out...



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I was there with the rest of y'all.
It was a good turn out and the range looks awesome!
If I wasn't tied up with family stuff I would be right there with ya Fordnut.