Woman 2, thugs 0 after home invasion!


Jul 19, 2010
This woman was lucky she could think clearly enough to get to her purse with her gun in it after one of the thugs was already holding her purse to start with. Keep in mind your gun will serve you better if it is on your person instead of out of reach in a drawer or purse.


Oklahoma break-in turns deadly when 'victim' pulls gun and fires
Posted: July 24, 2010
11:00 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
? 2010 WorldNetDaily

Entertainment center smashed while intruders were attacking Okahoma woman (Photo by Steven Conrad of Conrad Images)

One gun isn't enough.

That was what Linda Smith (a pseudonym) was thinking after two thugs broke into her Oklahoma apartment. One was holding a weapon (she initially thought it was a knife but it turned out to be a screwdriver) at her throat, and the other was pacing back and forth while holding her purse and demanding her money and valuables. She screamed, and was told if she screamed again, she'd be dead.

She was doing as police recommend in robberies ? comply with a robber's demands. But her Lady Smith & Wesson .38 special, which she carries by permit, was hidden in her purse ? and the purse was being held by one of the attackers.

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