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Who here hunts WMA's. I've been thinking about it. But the wife doesn't think its safe. If I did, I'd be going up to Newberry. How dangerous is it (dealing with others people being careless)?


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I hunt Zone 1 above Wallhalla every fall and rarely encounter anyone else. I am not familar with the Newberry WMA.


The drive up there will be much more dangerous than the hunt.I have hunted that area since 1967 and it is safe.


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safe. I have only seen two hunters on WMA property on the archery only areas up in zone 1 & 2. They were college kids from Clemson and very polite. If you hunt during the week....rarely see anyone.

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I hunt wma at edisto river for deer and squirrel. I have been hunting it since 2005 every year and haven't seen a sole to date out there.


How does the WMA process work? Pay for a permit. Hunt only on specific days. What about off season hogs? Sorry about the multiple questions.


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mflugel said:
How does the WMA process work? Pay for a permit. Hunt only on specific days. What about off season hogs? Sorry about the multiple questions.


Most of what you need to know is found in this and associated links. Pay particular attention to the regs in the GameZone you wish to hunt, esp. regarding licensing/permits/seasons/limits/calibers/calling/restricted areas/baiting, as regs vary even within each of the Six GameZones. Pick up a SCDNR Game Regulations booklet at any Big Box SportingGoodsDept. and carry it w/ you while hunting.

You can determine Sunrise/Sunset Times from this link: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneYear.php

Do your own research, ask DIRECTED questions, call the DNR for clarification, ask 'who is?' and get to know your area GCO.
Game regs are usually confusing, no matter the state. Ultimately, 'tis you who must pay the fines should your info/activities be remiss. Ain't no magistrate gonna accept ignorance/bad intel from any Forum as a viable defense.

Enjoy your adventures.


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Sportsman lic includes big game permit and WMA access. say yes to migratory bird permit. its free and you need it for dove and duck and geese. it is ,was last year, 55 dollars. WMA is 30.50 alone.

State hunting and fishing is all that for $25.00 except WMA at $30.50.

so if you want WMA its 6 of one and $.50 cent more for the same lic.

for duck you need 2 stamps. get one from DNR (5.50) and the other from the post office. it was $25.00 last time i got one. a little birdie told me to make sure you sign the stamps with your name cause its a $165.00 fine if you dont.

hey i didnt mention any names.


My son and I hunt WMA's in York County. We have never had any issues with people, except for turkey season. We have had good success and will countinue to hunt on WMA land. My advice is to call your local GW and ask for specfic rules for the WMA you are planning to hunt. Some WMA's will have certain rules applied to them.

And as mentioned above, get away from the roads and you will more than likely not see anyone.....