Wish I was in the land of cotton...

Midnight Raver

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Dixie would sure as hell beat Dodge City right now, we are seriously buried with snow up here. Got 5' to 6' snow banks all around me, sadistic CAT grader drivers that fill your driveway entrance with ice boulder snow banks every couple of hours. I MUST get some pics for you guys and gals to see- as John Wayne would say, "It's Rigoddamdiculous!".

That's the good news...

more is coming in a couple of days. :shock:

Midnight Raver

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The front of my house:

The window sills are about 4.5' from the ground. I took the pic from the sidewalk.

The sidewalk:

The fence is only about 10' from the front windows. Maybe 4' to the left is the street.


It is real fun backing up into the traffic with absolutely NO vision at all. Don't I look like I'm going to have fun?


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Man...I wouldn't leave the house till spring thaw....That sucks...

You need to move...



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Cotton? Looks like you too much white fluffy stuff already. You'll just have to transplant to the land of sunshine and Palmetto Bugs. :D


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Hey Buddy....I just noticed...in all that JUNK...you still showing your colors....nice hat..



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Now that is a lot of snow.
I like your T-Shirt!
Do you get any comments about the back?

You look just fracking thrilled to be out there.
I had plenty of snow when I was up there and it was less than half that.

If you tossed Fang into the snow he would disappear.
Hell if I could pick Max up and toss him HE would disappear.

Midnight Raver

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Most of the snowbanks are almost bunker grade concrete without the rebar material. Wish we could test out its ballistic defense properties! :geek:

As for my demeanor in the picture, I was about to embark on my driving duties taking the wife to work then on to NH. Only 45 miles... one way.

Yes, I represent our beloved Forum whenever and wherever possible- the NH folks seem to appreciate the back of our shirts when visible. I usually only wear my CADPAT rain jacket when it is cold- below 32 degrees. Other than that, being one of the world's largest dwarves and a decsendant of old Saint Nick, I usually operate better at 0 degrees.

Right now it is pretty warm and melting out there! I can widen the driveway entrance and maybe chop down the sidewalk banks to actually see while backing out.

Now, picture this:

What happens when snow like this melts a lot? And what if it decides to freeze up later? :idea: