Winchester Safe at Tractor Supply $599 - $100 off


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May 14, 2011
If this is goes against any of our sponsors/advertisers, please let me know and I'll remove it. I just thought this was a good deal, and was satisfied with the safe..

I just drove to Georgetown to pick up one of these safes (30" Wide, 22" Deep, 59" Tall) due to some recent local break-ins. Its a fairly solid safe, and I got it set up really easily. It has external hinges, some may not like that, but it does have 12 locking bolts, and a digital lock. After getting it set into place (its approximately 500 lbs) I programmed the lock and filled it up with the guns I had on hand.. Under best circumstances, its called a 24 long gun safe, but with my deer rifles, large objective scopes, I'd probably not want to squeeze more than 12-16 long guns into it. It does have the door storage pouches that hold 8 pistols and various papers, or loose items, etc. and a top shelf. I took the side shelves out of the second side, since I was more interested in storing my long guns. I'll keep ammo and other items stored elsewhere.

I've been wanting to get a nicer WideBody/Tall Cannon safe, but just never saved up enough to get me into that price range without breaking the bank. Overall, its not what I wanted if I got what I was wishing for, but for the peace of mind and concerns about the security of my collection, its definitely a good insurance policy for now. I'll keep looking forward to expanding my collection, and my Safe in the future :)

If you want to check one out, you need to call TSC ahead of time. I bought the second to last one in Georgetown, and the last display model was reserved for sale while I was still there. I think the Advertisement may have hit the papers now..

Just my $0.02..