Who's voting for Ron Paul Saturday?

Ritter Gottes

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Hello All.

Just wondering who is casting their vote for Liberty and smaller gov't this Saturday in the primary.



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Schults jumped the gun? so k. we dont need hard feelings here.

if the thread is open again ill say this; in my opinion Ron Paul is the only one running that doesnt profess to know everything and isnt promising us everything. ( like we have heard before)

anyone else will be the same old crap, in my opinion.

at least vote.


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After a careful look at the choices...I see 2 Republican Obamaha want to be's....I got to vote for Ron Paul.

Also....last election....I shook hands with him at the Gun Show at the Fairgrounds in Ladson(CharlestonCounty Fairgrounds).....He is the only candidate I have ever seen at the GUN Shows.;...

That got my vote.

Santorum - Today, as absentee. Most likely, given the choice of two flavors of Owebamney, it will be Gary Johnson, NM governor in November.

If a gun banner is the best teh R's can come up with, they will not succeed with my assistance.


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I shook hands with Fred Thompson at a gun show at Jamil when he was running. Nice guy.

I went to a Mitt event today. I'm not voting for him...and as I mentioned RP either. For me it's either Perry or Santorum. But if Mitt gets it, I feel comfortable voting for him.

I saw an interview with a little kid (4th or 5th grade) that did a project on the gop prospects. He got to meet all the potentials. Only one didn't give him the time. He said that Ron Paul seemed more interested in talking to older people.


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The past few day our home line has been swamped with political calls. At minimum 5 a day. Crazy! All the ones that I answered accept for one has been Ron Paul. I'm not joking about this. 2 of them started out as a survey for the GOP. I answered and said I was interested in Rick Perry. When the survey was over he started telling me the RP fell right in line with my comments. I told him I like a lot of what RP has to say but that I could not vote for him because he is too isolationist on his world views. The guy started debating me on the phone :shock:

He finally told me that he works for the RP campaign after I asked him why he is debating me with a survey for the GOP. He didn't like it.

The second one start out the same way. I asked the guy if he worked for RP. He was shocked. I told him to take me off the list. We now only get about 3 RP calls a day.


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i heard about people getting so many calls and dont know how to stop it.

i would either hang up, ask who they are working for and tell them im voting for someone else or tell them im not voting and hang up, or its none of their business like Greggs post above.

i leave the computer on, on the house phone, no calls. doesnt everyone have a cell phone?


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I was so frustrated i had resigned to voting for Ron Paul just so We could have our revolution.,,,,his cuts is what its going to take to turn this thing around but they will be so socialy unpopular there would be an uprising.
Now I'm back with Newt after I talked to his daughter last week in Laurens and also his performance at the debate Monday night.

This has been a real hard choice

As I said I was going to vote RP but one other thing about him bothered me. God said he would bless those who blessed Isreal and curse those who curse Israel. I'm afraid of what would happen when he turned his back on Israel.


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did you know we give Palistine more money than Isreal?

i dont think he will be as much of an isolationalist as some think.

1500 illegals per day is a problem that we need to stop.

the uprising may be caused by congress not the pres. unless obam declares martial law before the election so he can dictate to us.

lafayette gregory

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Yep Newt is da man. He has always been known to tell the truth and be honest. We need a "do the right thing guy in office".
And anyway - can we really trust a morman?


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Three deserve consideration in my opinion, even though they all have drawbacks.

Romney- Has business experience and executive branch experience. Successful in buying and turning around failing companies (sounds a bit like our country right now). Obvious drawbacks are the more liberal social programs that he pushed, or tolerated, in Mass. The one big question with Mitt, for me, is "How much of his Mass. negatives go to his being a pragmatist? Was it a way to get more conservative agenda items passed?"

Newt- The only balanced budget in 40-some years was passed under his congress. He is the best debater, hands down. He does have a history of leaning left on some key issues including global warming, which was propped up with faulty science. Where is Newt on these issues, now? Where will he be in 2 or 4 years? No executive experience.

Paul- For fair disclosure, I donated to Paul in 2008. I love a lot of what Paul stands for. Small government is great, liberty is great. Isolationist foreign policy and allowing Iran to wipe Israel off the face of the earth with the Nukes they are currently developing, not a fan. Can Paul become more of a pragmatist and get some of his agenda items passed? I really don't think he can take 50 cents if he wants a dollar, even if that 50 cents gets him closer to a dollar. No executive experience.

The other one left is Santorum,

I cannot and will not vote for a Big Government Social Conservative. I am for smaller government and it's not the government's job to regulate morality.