who killed the electric car?


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I could watch the whole video. But when she said she is only paying about $0.20 per mile and then they showed all the panels on her roof I just had to laugh. What was the cost of all those panels? Isn't it convenient that they always forget to add that in the cost? Then they forget to talk about the overall cost of battery replacement, panel replacement. Typical battery and panels are replaced every 7-10 years and this is based on your environment and usage. When you take all that into account They cost a heck of a lot more than gas. Little tid bits of info.

Batteries are WAY older that the combustion engine.
Solar panels are a couple of years older than the combustion engine.
Scientist really don't know where oil comes from. It appears that it may not come from dinos.

If the technology was better they would have been mainstream a long time ago.


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I've actually seen the whole documentary and while it is obviously projecting a message there is something that still sticks out to me. The users of those cars petitioned to keep them or buy them. The company said no, no, no and then destroyed them. It's strange that a car company wouldn't want to leave even a couple out for extended testing or barring that at least engage the consumers clamoring for their beloved electrics. While there are obvious commercial reasons that are not inherently malevolent like the documentary spells out it does show that serious interest in electric cars was postponed again and again.


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Battery power is too technical. Lets all look at the process of Wood Gasification for powering our cars, boats, homes.


You can run this off wood, coal, charcoal, alcohol, weeds, stumps, bushes, grass . . . . whatever. its also a proven technology.

Sure, it burns fuel, but its a sustainable fuel. You still have to burn fuel for hydrogen and battery vehicles too. That power plant supplying the electricity to make the hydrogen or power your car uses a bunch of coal, gas, or fossil fuels (mostly). Pollution? Sure, batteries contain a lot of nasty materials too and you have to replace them every few years.

Besides, I think it improves on the look of the overall vehicle. Who wouldn't want one of these?