Whats your Thanksgiving Menu?


The Wife and I are having two Thanksgivings, her family and mine, so we are trying to create two different enough menus.


Baked Turkey
Whipped Potatoes with Gravy
Cornbread Dressing
Squash Casserole
Good Crusty Bread
Red Velvet Cheesecake (Red Velvet Cake with Cheesecake instead of Icing)


Fried Turkey
Sweet Potato Casserole
Some type of other Veg-TBD
Stuffin' Muffins (Stuffing Made in Cast Iron Muffin Tins- Makes it good and crispy)
Good Crusty Bread
Caramel Crumb Cheesecake

So whats for Dinner?


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Mine and my husband's family will be getting together this year. Should be fun! So far I think, between our moms and I we've got:

Turkey (1 roasted, other TBD)
Mashed potatoes
Deviled eggs
Sweet potato casserole
Green bean casserole
Chocolate mousse trifle
Pie of some variety
No bake cookies (for the kids)


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Have already had 2 Thanksgiving Dinners...working for the City does have some perks...

We eat with the Wifes family. Their menu is Steaks?????

So we always grill steaks for Thanksgiving...Go figure....But, no left-over turkey sandwiches for 2 weeks.....that is a good thing...


HHB Guns

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Going to the wifes family in charlotte this year for the first time. Don't know what they are cooking but im happy as long as sweet potatoes are on the menu! With marshmellows on top. Whos with me?


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Throw some Pecans in those taters, Henry. You'll have something so good it'll make you knock your Daddy down. :lol: My wife makes a cranberry salad that just gets better everyday until you run out of left over turkey and make the sandwich with just the cranberry delight, Yum!!! :lol:


C_Carson said:
Mine and my husband's family will be getting together this year. Should be fun! So far I think, between our moms and I we've got:

Turkey (1 roasted, other TBD)
I want a Tur-deer-ham-ducken, now get back in the kitchen! :mrgreen:


Well we will have thanksgiving and then Thanks-Saturday-giving. I ready for the second to watch Carolina work over the kittys while I sit up at the mountain house and enjoy time with the family.


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Let's see...Eating at the in-laws. Last time the M-n-L cooked for t-day she burnt the gibblets. Never smelt anything that bad in my life.

But we are having:

Smoaked Turkey
Sweet 'taters
Pinot, Pinot, and Pinot
I'm sure there will be other sides and desert

but did I mention Pinot??


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Not to appear unrefined but what is Pinot?
Is that some sort of wine or a dish made with pine nuts?


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Ok that explains why I didn't know what it was.
Beer and distilled spirits is all I drink.
I never developed a taste for wine, probably had something to do with that half gallon of Chianti I drank when I was 14.

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Wine is for Kaliforniastanians, Yankees, Italians, and French types...

I may be in Moscowchusetts, but I'll be damned if I'm going to drink wine. It's even worse than those various types of paddy water referred to as "American beers".

Midnight Raver

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Nah, that's for my guests to enjoy. My supplies fit comfortably next to me or in the freezer. ;)

Actually I will be traveling abroad today. Sometime in the early evening I will get to enjoy some of "The Water Of Life" once I am back at the barn for good. :cool: