What's your back up?


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Looking at the pros and cons of different concealed carry back up, and curious as to what you guys think. Say you are limited on what you can conceal/carry, would you rather have:

A gun and extra mags
Two guns
A gun and a k-bar TDI

Part of me cringes at the idea of bringing a knife to a gun fight, but in close quarters I could see it being useful, though hopefully not necessary. What do you think, or what has worked for you in your experience? Are there any combinations you prefer? Anything you'd avoid, and why?

Dirk Pitt

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I guess two guns with extra mags and a knife is too much? :lol: But seriously I think regardless you should have at least one spare mag your primary weapon, not necessarily because you'll need tons of rounds to take out all those bank robbers but because a lot of weapons malfunctions are magazine related or can be fixed with a new source of ammunition.

I think a knife is another essential tool that is useful and fills much different functions. Besides the whole guns runt out of bullets and blades don't and the usefulness of having a blade just when you need to open a package, when you have someone right on top of you I think a knife is an easier weapon to use than a gun. You don't have to worry about pressing the gun into your attacker's body and pushing the slide out of battery and you don't have the risk of shooting through the attacker into say your off side arm or something. It's not a definitive assessment but I think a knife will serve you better inside arms length better than a gun will.


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Well....I kind of like 2 guns...1 semi-auto and a revolver back-up, extra ammo for each and at least 1 knife....

You never know what you will need, so, take it all...



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it really all depends on what i'm doing and what i'm wearing

there are times that i carry 2 firearms, extra ammo, and a knife or 3

there are other times when only a knife is appropriate


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I hear ya. Ideally I'd have my 9mm compact IWB holster, an extra magazine, an ankle holster BUG, and a knife. However, being a smaller framed gal, I'm a bit limited on how much I can carry and where. I'm also about to be a full time stay at home mom, so unless I'm going out, I'll be packing light. So, say for whatever reason you couldn't carry everything every day, what combo would be essential to you?


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I always have a knife and a reload for my primary weapon. I'd carry a bug if I could be sure of keeping it concealed and out of the way.


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With all seriousness

Summertime = 2 knives and a pocket gun (either .357 or .380) depending on the shorts

Fall-Spring = Glock 27 in a bianchi carrylok and 2 knives...2 mags in the truck with me

I dont regularly spend time in/around places that are likely to end up with me getting into a shootout

I dont go into convenience stores...i only regularly go into grocery stores and palmetto state armory (seriously)

I try my best to do all of my running around in the middle of the day during the week when there are likely to be a lot of people around


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Winter: Taurus PT1911, Extra mag and Gerber multipliers.
Summer: S&S 38H, Extra mag and Gerber multipliers.