Black Rifles What's y'alls opinions of AR-10/ 308?


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I'm thinking my next long term build will be a AR in .308. Something to hunt with and kinda a SHTF toy too. In my limited research so far, AR-10s are not "uniform" spec like AR-15s. Any problems associated with them? I'll probably go SBR and suppressed ( when I can afford it).


I've spent some time researching the ARs as a long term project too. I like the whole idea of and AR10.
It just seems like a good idea. I've not seen many of them at the gun shows, etc, or as much in the way of inexpensive parts and custom stuff like I do for the AR15.

I, too, would be interested see what you build.




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I'm building one right now. I'm using a DPMS lower Receiver and an Aero Precision upper. The barrel is coming from Black Hole Weaponry. That said, you have to either build an AR10 or an AR 308. The upper and lowers do not interchange. The AR10 uses the G3 mags and the Dpms use the DPMS type proprietary magazine. I've found more and less expensive parts made for the DPMS by a greater number of vendors. (nwammoguy on has some good deals on AR308 parts from time to time. I just ordered a BCG for the 308.
Possible sites for parts: ... -308.shtml
And of course, Midway and Brownells for parts and tools


I've pondered buying an AR10 from time to time just never made the move. It is kind of a turn off that everyone builds them a wee bit different.

I still beat myself up over missing out on a KAC SR25 for under $1900.00 about 9 years ago.

The FN SCAR 17 is the way I'd go also if I ever added another 308 to the safe, but I'd have to look real hard at the Kel Tec RFB first.
Give me a reason to build an AR/10 308?
I have a M1A and a Chinese m14 and a couple of FAL's.
Would the only reason to own an a Ar/10 be to keep things in the AR platform?


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Reasons to build AR308:
I want a 30 caliber service type rifle.
I like the AR platform and am curious about how it will work in a larger caliber.
I can change my caliber from 308 to 243 or 270 by changing the barrel.
I'm a mechanic not a gunsmith and the AR platform doesn't require machinist skills to build properly
Because I want to. :D
Because I can. :lol:


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Thanks for the imput all, and links and info Dave. What's not to like about an AR with something bigger than a varmint caliber? I have one in 6.5 grendel, but one in .308 would be cheaper and easier to feed. I enjoy the build itself too.


I would have preferred to go with a .308 budget controlled me. I'd swap my ar-15 and river p95 for one if they had enough value. I shot a buddies once, simply awesome!


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I like the .308. My friend has an Armilite Match .308...It is a nice shooter..But, he shoots only match grand ammo...Expensive.

I am playing with the 7.62X39 AR...I love it...It is very accurate and not all that expensive.
I just bought 300 rounds of brass ammo for it from Georga Arms for $105.00 delivered...

It will be at Shootzenfest If anyone wants to give her a spin..



Since I have a G3, I would love to have an AR10 that uses G3/HK mags. I know the DPMS upper has to be modified to work with the G3 compatible lower. I may tackle that later on. I have tons of G3 mags.


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I've always heard that the 7.62x39 ARs don't feed well, but everyone I've talked to that has one say it's not an issue. I guess it's like anything else- as long as you have decent magazines...