What would you do?


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Ok this may be a touchy matter, I'm not sure. Here is a bit of a random, or not, scenario I would like some input on.

What would you do if you:
1) are a military veteran with specialized training
2) were attempting to better your life by attending an upstanding college/university in an attempt to work towards a masters degree in a field which desperately needs new people
3) were a victim of credit card fraud by the same college/university whereby an employee denied you access to an education for a semester for their mistake
4) had your name publicly slandered on multiple occasions by the same college/university
5) were involved in a serious car accident resulting in 2 spinal surgeries and had your civil rights violated by being denied equal rights and fair accommodations by the same college/university
6) were publicly humiliated in front of a class of your peers by one of the professors who explicitly denied making any accommodations for neck/spinal injury even after being approved by their center for disability and learning
7) received extremely graphic death threats explaining how, when, why you would be killed and how your body would be dissolved in a location near where you live by an employee of the same college/university
8) reported said employee to the campus police who have state-wide jurisdiction and who refuse to do anything against said employee
9) were denied being allowed to carry a firearm, in order to ensure your right to life not be violated by said employee or the people he threatened to send after you, which you have been trained in handling and to carry by the military as well as civilian training as well as having ~4 years daily carry experience with
10) can not locate an attorney who is willing to ensure your civil rights, according to the American Disability Act, are not violated as each and every one of them have a conflict of interest against the same college/university whereby their wife teaches there or they attended or they have friends who have attended.

And to add a few things:
11) were attacked by said employee on campus ( tripped, shoved )
12) public safety acted recklessly in taking your complaint by telling the employee that a complaint was being made against him and that you were filing the complaint, potentially jeopardizing your life even more so

Random, or not, detailed scenario. What would you do?

Would you contact your State senators, education board, other representatives or what?


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Unfortunately at the moment I'm not. I should have graduated as of last semester but a few things have gotten in the way.


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And if no attorney is willing to give legal counsel, either by not calling back and/or by stating there is a conflict of interest if you call them back or if they call you?


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Acecool said:
And if no attorney is willing to give legal counsel, either by not calling back and/or by stating there is a conflict of interest if you call them back or if they call you?

Attorneys are like women...there's always another one around the corner. Seek out a lawyer.


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my wife and i live in the woods.

where are these "corners" you speak of?

just kidding. I love Grace and breathing.


oh, about the topic. sometimes you can get something done or checked out by calling one of our distingushed represintatives.

sorry, to lazy for spell check


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If I was assulted by someone I'd call 911 and get real cops, not campus police. Do you have recordings of the death threats?

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Google "American disability act lawyer Greenville sc" I had several hits. Pick a couple and give them a call.


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The threats were unfortunately not recorded, campus police have state-wide jurisdiction, but I may file a restraining order down at the city police department instead of relying on a letter of no-contact.


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Keep looking for legal aid, and especially approach younger attorneys. Older, more experienced attorneys may seem like your best bet, but they are often set in their ways and unwilling to take cases which they think don't have a good chance of winning, or that they could only win using unconventional methods and arguments. Younger attorneys are often hungry to prove themselves, and have recently spent several years trying non-standard approaches while arguing mock trials in law school. They are often far more willing to try a different approach to a case, even one other lawyers won't touch.

I would also suggest USC School of Law public services page, as it has a number of resources you can make use of in locating an attorney, possibly even pro bono.


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Step 1, Find a lawyer.
Step 2, Do what they say and do not try to take this into your own hands.

Schools have lawyers, you will be dealing with them if you try to go solo. You will be outmatched because the law is written by lawyers to be intentionally difficult to understand (ensuring job security for lawyers, of course).


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Also, refrain from posting details on the internet; even if you think it's something that can't hurt you. The less you say, the better your chances are.