What will you miss if it all comes down?


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I?ve said it before and ill say it again. We live in an era that closely approaches a golden age. Unfortunately I am seeing the warning signs for the end of it rapidly approaching (Seriously, what else can you call reality TV. Top Shot and Wipeout are one thing, but Jersey Shore? Mob Wives? ) Gladiatorial games and blood sports are reappearing in the mainstream (MMA Matches)(Boxing is not a blood sport, it is highly ritualized combat). Education is on the decline (Cursive writing was recently removed from school curriculums, and don?t even get me started on what they call history these days.)

Anyways, on to the point of this missive. When it comes tumbling down what are you going to miss. Skip the supermarket trips and easy access to gasoline and potato chips. Seriously, what will you miss? Really, really, miss? Something you don?t think twice about these days. Musicals? Forbidden Planet in black and white? Broadway theater? Your waterbed? Bananas?

Me. I?m a hard core caffeine junkie. I?m going to really miss my coffee and soda. Not so much my tea, but dear goddess, I?m not sure what I?ll do without a regular caffeine fix

Things I think about when I have too much time on my hands, and to much caffeine in my system.


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I'm going to miss coming home and relaxing with the wife and kids watching tv.All the little simple things will be really missed.Ken


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it is missed instantly when the power goes out. all those things we plug up. driving screws with a screw driver...


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Not much for very long. We live close to Charleston and I'm afraid we couldn't keep them off the homestead without serious co-operation from all the neighbors. The buzzards would eat well ,though. :D


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I'm going to miss my family when the internet goes down. My family is scattered to the four winds, east coasters, west coasters, mid-west, and several are serving overseas for the next few years, if/when the net goes I doubt I'll ever know how they fair. I'm also going to miss my friends. I've made lots of local friends and are friendly with some of the neighbors, but when you've been best friends with people since second grade and are used to chatting with them on a daily basis it's going to be difficult to lose contact.

As for material things, I can get by on not very much at all but I will be cranky when the AC goes and the soda runs out.


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Because of Obammma, our insurance was changed to a high deductable. $5,500.
We just can't afford to go to the doctor anymore.

The American way of life has already changed. It will never be the way it was.
I have lived a good life. Done and seen most of everything I ever wanted to do or see. I feel most sorry for the young ones.
They will never know what it means to be a totally free AMERICAN.

Oh yeah,,,,,,The Doritos will also be missed.


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Twinkies :lol:

Not really. I'd miss the ability to feel secure; feeling that I'm 'fairly' safe each day to take my son out for a walk, or that I'll see my husband return safe every time he has to leave.


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Tigerstripe said:

Depending on how it goes down, you might be having Shootzenfest more often than you like. You might be missing all that ammo you burned through in the name of fun.


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You still have to chill goat milk right after milking. If you make it into cheese, then you don't have to.


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electrical grid and the modern infastructure we are spoiled to that requires electrical power to function.