What I am loading lately


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My current focus is on Tier III Ruger-only 45 Colt loads for my Redhawk. I have one of the 5.5" guns that is no longer offered and it is Magnaported. I am trying to use IMR 4227 but find scant data for the bullet weights I am using. I did find out that there really is only one 4227 these days, in terms of new stock, and both IMR4227 and H4227 can use the same starting loads, requiring ladder testing to find what is best without notable pressure signs, mainly flat primers or stuck cases. I may switch to Lil' Gun to use the Hodgdon data. My bullets are 250 Xtreme LRNFP and Cast Performance 265 LWFNGC. I also have jacketed in 250 and 300 grain XTPs. Haven't tried the 300s yet.

The issue with 4227 is getting a heavy enough load I can stand to shoot that is reasonably clean. For now, in the starting load stages the case are really fouled.

Since I had the throats opened up to match the bullets I am not getting the bad pressure signs as before when shooting what should have been mild loads.

Just thought I would share what I am doing lately. Would be interested in others stories.


just loading 12ga and 20 ga lately , saves alot on slugs and buck and can made some great field loads that work very well in my semi auto's