What Gun companies will do to protect their name

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Its funny I cant say much because I had to sign a disclosure statement not to say names of customer and company name to receive 10 very expensive guns for a customer. His son got serious fu*&ed up by one of the companies guns. They first offered to buy him a truck load of ammo and he said he wanted guns instead. So far I received 10 and he just got another medical bill so they are sending more as we speak.

They made us both sign statements that this never happened to protect their name. I thought it was pretty funny. Wonder how often this happens around the country that we never hear about?


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Just sweep it under the rug. Gotta love it! Hope they are not getting guns that are made by the same company!


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ahhhhhhh why not a truck load of ammo AND a bunch of new guns?

Guess he should retain a new attorney!

(JK about the atty part)