What Do You Clean With?

Dirk Pitt

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I'm always curious to see what kind of cleaning products other users out there are using. So I thought I'd start a thread about it and see what kind of cleaning agents and lubes you guys use.

Right now I've been using MPro 7 cleaner and Slipstream oil. I was brought up like most of us using Hoppes No. 9 and Hoppes Oil, I've also used Gun Scrubber in the past on barrels before cleaning them thoroughly. I've used a lot of CLP since that's what the military gives us and I've never been overly impressed, seems like a jack of all trades master of none sort of thing. Though I've been told that CLP works best when applied as a lube before hand and it than makes it harder for the carbon to adhere to the metal. I've been trying the MPro 7 degreaser vs the conventional solvents since it's less aggressive and doesn't eat at things, so far I've had great luck with it. The Slipstream is something I heard about through a blogger I periodically read that's suppose to be a nano-lubricant and synthetic oil blend, so far it seems to be working pretty damn good and is nice and slick. Next thing I want to try is aircraft grease and see how that works out. I've also heard of a fair number of people using auto oil for lube as well.

What about y'all?


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I started out using Hoppes #9 and Hoppes oil, then both of those and a wire bore brush, now I am JUST using oil and some elbow grease (some #9 for really stubern stains/dirtyness if oil and elbow grease doesn't work).

I definitely would like to try less aggressive "solvent" like the degreaser you mentioned.


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Homemade Ed's Red is my everyday cleaner. I also use Slip Carbon Cutter on bolts, carriers and barrels when they are really nasty.


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CLP or TW25 grease for lube.
A 50 / 50 mix of Kroil and Hoppes #9 for an everyday solvent.
It may be me but I think it works better than straight Hoppes.

If a gun is really cruddy I stuff a saturated paper towel into the barrel and let it soak overnight.


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Hey,,,I am old school...I use CLP...I like the way you can pull a clean swab thru a clean barrel 3 days after you cleaned the barrel and the CLP has still loosened up more crud... made a believer out of me...

For outside the gun, I use Rem Oil....It has a lot of silicone in it...



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I like the old dial soap, the yellow bars, it really makes me feel clean if'n I got really sweaty that day. And i really like Tea Tree shampoo.

For real- i use Hoppes #9 and BreakFree CLP. I lube with Mobil 1 full synthetic motor oil, white grease, and remoil. I got the mobil 1 tip years ago from a competitive shooting friend. I scoffed, but I said I'd try it. I love it and it doesn't dissipate in storage like RemOil. I use it very sparingly, but it really works well. It didn't replace RemOil completely though. I aso use white lithium grease on the frame rails of guns that like to run a little dryer, ie Glocks.

As far as cleaning hardware, I use the standard bore brushes, but i love boresnakes, and I am trying to get them for every caliber I have. Good thing is you can use the same one for 9, 380, 357, 38 so that knocks out more than half of my collection. I need to buy a 12ga, a 22/223, and a .30 and I think i'll be covered. They are great to have at the range.

HHB Guns

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I use Hoppes #9 for Carbon, Sweets 7.62 for Copper, and Slip 2000 CLP for everything. If I dont want a real oily feel to the outside I just spray rem oil and wipe it off. The Slip is also What I use after I parkerize a gun. It absorbs great.


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CLP. It's what we used in the service. I figure it's good enough for my stuff, especially since I'm not doing any beach landings.


i cast my own for handgun and 30-30 and 32 win. hps and 444 marlin rifle. around 1700 to 1800 fps for the rifles with a 50/50 mix of ww and soft lead. after i clean the barrel i wipe the inside of all my barrels with kroil, it will keep copper fouling to a min. as well as leading. some people have the idea that leading comes from soft lead at high speed, not always true. most leading comes from undersized bullets that don't fit the bore properly and then instead of a good seal in the bore you get gas cutting around the bullet resulting in leading. it is easier to clean a barrel that has lead bullets of proper size fired through them than to clean copper out of a barrel, for me anyway. but regardless of copper or lead kroil is good stuff......... :mrgreen:


Homemade Ed's Red. It does the trick and costs less in the long run than the small bottles of cleaners I used to use. Also use transmission fluid for lubricant. Experimenting with Mobile 1.
I use ?Simple Green? for most everything on a weapon. Use Hoppe's or a Teflon product on the barrel. Started with this cleaner after viewing some AGI DVDs on various firearms assembly/disassembly.


I usually use Kroil,Sweets and JB paste but I used some of the new Hoppes Elite and have been pretty impressed with it.