We're going to the range tonight!!!


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My husband's work has implemented new changes that aren't going over well with the natives. He has to make sure that people comply so he's been dealing with ten tons of paperwork and attitude. He just called and asked me to meet him at ATP after work (about 4:30-5 ish) because he'd like to shoot the bajeezus out of some paper :lol:
After some discussion tonight's selection will feature the AK and the Savage .223, with a healthy dose of .22 and a bit of the Glock and the XD thrown in to mix things up a bit. And a package of baby wipes and spray hydrogen peroxide in case I run into similar range conditions as last time.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to talk him into a visit to Starbucks (on main by Lowes) when we're done. I know this is short notice but if anyone wants to stop by either place and say hi or rip off a few round with the weapons, it'd be nice to meet you!

Off to go pick out the ammo and arrange the cases.


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Will do! I can tell you that it's not full auto, but I'll have to get the specs from him.
I'm in the parking lot waiting on him as I type. He got held over waiting on his replacement and is pleased as punch over that.


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Concussive Therapy works wonders for my attitude.
The more stressed I am the bigger bang I need.
The AK pistol works wonders...


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Concussive therapy?! I like that! We're off the range now and on to browsing, headed out to starbucks in about half an hour if anyone cares for some caffeination.
We had a really fun time. The wide range in opinions on appropriate range wear is rather surprising, I was ready to throw a blanket around one of them!


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Dang, wish we could go!!! Have fun and slip in a little therapy for me as well! (Adam hasn't been sleeping so well the past few nights, so neither have I...)