Well Hmmm...


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Saw that over on the 1911 forum. Personally I would love to have one if anything just for the wtf factor.


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After lots of looking and little info I saw the MSRP was around $1,200. That don't seem to bad. Now if I could just find one for sale.


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How about this one from the Green Hornet



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Biggest problem I see with it has already been pointed out in the comments on YouTube:

What if 1 of 2 bullets in the chambers has a hang fire? Will the force of one going off open the breach in time for the hang fire to pop in your face?


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its a dangerous game.

seems to me a squib in a machine gun would be more likely or the chain firing of a lever action or even a muzzle loading revolver.

step in front of a bus? hit by a meterorite? by the way i saw that meterorite coming down a few weeks ago. cool.