Weapon cleaning

When was the last time you had your handgun or rifle cleaned? It is time for it to be done again. Would you leave food in the fridge to eat months later...not hardly, besides being revolting it is unsafe. The same goes for your personal weapons. Don't fire them without a good cleaning. Cleaning it can help reduce problems such as misfiring. So come in today and get Rich to clean for you!

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Since you brought up the subject, let me ask you, as a gunsmith, what you use. I was brought up using Hoppes as a kid and I guess I don't know any better, but now there are fancy (and higher priced) cleaning supplies out there. For example, Noveske Rifleworks recommends KG Industries (KG-1, 2, 3, and 4), Dewey coated rods, a bore rod guide, and stuff I've never heard of before. Also just read to never pull brushes back through the muzzle as it ruins the crown. I'll never be a sniper shooting 1/2 groups at 1,000 yards but my weapons have always shot as well as my abilities allow. How important are high dollar cleaning supplies and what is really necessary for the average shooter who does like clean, reliably functioning firearms?
It depends on the gun, meaning how dirty it is. Hoppes is always my first choice. Next would be Outters, the nitro spray is awesome. Tri-care is also a very good choice. It is true that you should only brush in one direction. Never push the brush towards the chamber, it will deposit all the crud from the barrel directly into this area. We do a very detailed cleaning. Every part is removed, cleaned, inspected and then re-assembled, even the magazine. We oil only areas that need it, most problems we see are from over oiling. As for which gun oil we use...thats another story. :lol:


Learned about over oiling just this weekend. Apparently I got carried away with the oil on the ole mauser bolt. Fired and got a face full of oil splash. Glad I had the safety glasses on. Normally I wipe everything down the day before shooting but the Mauser was a last minute addition to the gun packing that morning, and I didn't.