Black Rifles We need to see if we can get club orders!!

Red Hat

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I'm interested! The 100 rd magazine is a lot cheaper than my BETA C Mag. If I remember correctly I payed around $235 for it.


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I am too lazy to hold up my rifle with 100 rounds hanging down from it...

I had a the 100 round drums and they were way too heavy to enjoy shooting while you held the thing...I had to shoot off the bi-pod...

I will stay with 30 rounders...


Dirk Pitt

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lafayette gregory said:
They certainly have the cool factor. But will they function reliability?
They have a Surefire employee/Marine Reservist fire two 100 round magazines vs seven 30 round magazines. On an interesting note the Marine shooting is one of my company armorers, small world.


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I'll have to pass. I can't afford but so much cool. If I had the extra cash I'd go for one of each and the full auto to make them worthwhile. :lol: