Watch how SC legislates, live


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Watching our legislators work this session has been interesting. From seeing what bills have passed these past few years, I realized that some of our representatives want nothing more than to pass laws to make the government bigger. After watching live feeds every now and then, it's apparent that the house's and senate's only interest is to fund the government and to spread my hard earned money to people that don't deserve it.

There are a few in the crowd that stand up and try to fight the big government bills, but not many. Every liberty oriented bill I've been following has been shot down.

I say we "ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off". :mrgreen:

Although it depressing watching our representatives work, it is interesting. Here's the links to the live feed from the SC House:

Live feed from the SC Senate:


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Most of those idiots piss me off every time I pick up a paper, Why the hell would I want to watch them on TV. :roll: