Wanted plinking area

SFC Thornton

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Hi all,

I'm a new shooter and new to the forum. I was looking to experience the thrill of shooting fruit, water jugs, and anything else I can get my hands on. Do anyone know of any public places to go plinking or anyone that allows plinking on land that they own. I'm willing to travel for a day of fun, but really would like somewhere close to Columbia, SC. Many thanks in advance.

SFC Thornton
I'd be interested in something similar in or around Charleston. Anyone know of anywhere in Charleston that will do move and shoot also, I'd like to get in some tactical shooting experience.


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Live in Irmo. Closest free that I know is the Newberry public range. Otherwise your going to pay unless you know someone. I just joined Mid Carolina Rifle Club. Good club. If you want to join look on the site and the next meeting is Monday. $150/yr and $25 for you application...basically the $25 is for your access card.