Wanted: K Frame Grips


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I am looking for a set of wood grips for my model 65-4; went to the Ladson gun show a week ago, and was amazed that the guy was not there that has a huge selection of grips. I have a set of Pachmar grips on it now and don't like 'em. I may break down and just get a set from one of the people that do custom grips.


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Guys...I don't mean to be stupid...but, I can not remember the frame letters...I have a couple of "J" Frames, and I have an "N" frame.....But, what is a K and L frame????

A friend of mine just took in a pair of real nice factory grips off his Model 19,,,square butt...he would sell them, but, don't know what they will fit...



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The 19 is a K frame. K is the mid frame series, Models 10, 12 13, 14 ,15, 16, 17, 18, 19, etc. The L frame takes the same grips, Models 586, 686, etc.

And I found a set for mine. Tom is yours square butt or round butt? You looking for Magnas or Target grips. I have some extras as well as some Hogue grips.