Want a silencer? Let griffin pay your $200 tax

HHB Guns

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I dont know anything good or bad about the company but a friend sent me a link to these guys today. Buy one of their cans they pay the $200 tax stamp. I will be in contact with them on monday for a dealer price sheet.


HHB Guns

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Ok. Got the details. They are a weird company to say the least. They do not do dealer pricing. All the prices you see on the web are what you get it for. Dealer or no dealer. If you get it from them at that price they will pay the $200. They discontinued the .30 cal can.


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Looks like they got a .223 silencer for about $400.00....with the tax paid, that is a good deal...

If I had the cash, I would jump on one of them...


( I don't even have anything I could sell to buy the silancer)


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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but has anybody jumped on this yet? Deal is pretty tempting but would like to know if its worth it or not.


So Henry, if the silencers are not available for online sales how did you get your hands on the ones you bought?

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I think my customers called and placed the order. I havent received any in yet. This company is very weird and changes things on a daily basis. Overall I'm not so sure how they operate. They arent doing anything thats within the industry standard.