Want a gun safe you can hide in plain site?


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Say whatttttt . . .that was AWESOME. What do those things run? I take it only worried more about hiding and not about really secure?


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Is it just a magnetic toggle that pulls the lock or do you have to plug these things in?

edit: looks like a simple toggle given the fact that they are sliding each piece instead of just placing them. I'm thinking those lock bolts are aluminum with some sort of magnet attached at the rear.


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If I remember correctly, the magnets are in the statues or the blocks they move to the correct spot on the mantle or shelf. Use to be able to purchase these locks from Constantine's Restorer Supply. Used them on hidden desk drawers and wall panels.


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I'm seriously considering making a simplified set of these for bookshelf/bayonet storage.

I'd let mine lay flat open against the wall to display the bayonets and since they aren't high-security items I could use a simple door slide lock with a channel cut through the top of the shelf, attach it to a book and done. Slide book back to open, slide forward to re lock.

No pistons, no magnets, I'm thinking a lowes trip for:
Trim moulding
2 boards to length/width
Sliding door locks

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LiveFreeorDie said:
Website is down. My guess: they charged too much for a good idea, had few takers, made no profit, closed up shop.

Also, links don't always last forever. I believe it is up to the host servers and such, much like picture links go away after a while too. Such is the vworld wide web...

wish I could have seen it too, it sounded pretty interesting! :|