Walther PPQ ??


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I have a couple HK P30s 9mm's. The Walther PPQ a newer model Walther is a striker fired gun. I hear the trigger is just amazing and the ergo.'s are very similar to my P30.

Thinking about getting a 9mm one next year. Does anyone have one to share their thought's? If not i will have one in a few month's i "think". One of my P30s pic below..


By deehkman at 2011-06-08


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We have one at the shop, haven't shot one yet but it feels very good in the hand and the trigger is very nice.


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thebrasilian said:
My opinion...dislike mag release.

Never held one but seen a review and the mag. release sure look's too small especially for guy's with xl hand's. I'll wait and see if a LGS get's one and see how i like the feel but mainly the mag. release, thank's for the replies...


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The one pictured looks like the grip can be changed to personal preferences.
I've noticed that a lot of the better manufacturers are working on the changeable backstraps and grips.

I'll have to hunt one of these up in my local gunshop.
I'm not really in the market for another 9mm, but it looks like a pretty decent pistol.

Good parentage too.

John Canuck

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The mag release on those guns is certainly different. I have one gun that has that style of mag release and I find I don't even think about it anymore. When I have a 1911 in hand, I drop the mag normally, when I have a Euro gun in hand, I drop it with the bird finger on my strong hand, but it did take a bunch of practice to make it second nature.


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Still never seen a PPQ around here to check out....Larry Vicker's is now running one thru it's pace's. I'll see if i can find a link to see how Vicker's like the Q so far. Todd Green i know is not fond of the PPQ...

Here is my most recent with my P30s v3 9mm HK 15rds @ ~21ft at some speed less than a second shot to shot..115gr Magtech..have not shot in awhile recovering from another surgery...