Waiting on parts


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I am waiting on a pistol buffer tube and some other small parts to complete my pistol lower.

It's been a few days but it seems like FOREVER. I hate having a half built lower.

Its a black pistol build and I don't really have the funds for an upper yet but I do now have an armorers wrench so I might start collecting an upper piece by piece and put it together. Now that I will have the lower complete I can start piecing the upper together. I painted this lower too, but this one is "gunship grey." Hopefully this pistol will turn out as well as my rifle build.

I'll post a pic once these few parts show up and I can get this lower completed.


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Well the lower is all together. I'll have to take some pics of it when I get a chance. This lower went together great, I love my pistol Buffer tube. I picked up a buffer and spring for a great deal on another forum. The Gunship Grey enameling looks great, in my humble opinion, for an all black furnitured gun.

Pretty soon, I will start picking up some upper parts, so anyone that has anything shoot me a PM, I am going to do this pistol as a flattop.


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Glad to hear your build is going well.
I keep threatening to do one, pistol that is.

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You'll love the AR pistol. I've built three. One I use an old military pencil barrel and cut it off and turned it down for a gas block. Works great. I made two of my buffer tubes one is like the short GSE buffer assembly and the other is a 7 1/2" over sized tube with para cord wrapped around the middle. Being over sized there is no way a stock can fit on the buffer tube.

This is the over sized tube after bead blasting and duricoat.



After completion with cut off military barrel.